The Supplier Information Reporting Work Group

The Supplier Information Reporting Work Group (SIR) is a coalition of nine consumer product companies formed in 2008 to develop a means of satisfying their retail customers' increasing need for regulatory compliance and sustainability information. Participating companies include: Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, 3M, SC Johnson, Bayer Health Care Products, Johnson & Johnson, Church & Dwight, L'Oreal, and Abbott Labs.

The SIR Group works to help satisfy retailers’ information needs. The group has been especially active in working with The WERCS, a consulting company that provides product information to a growing number of large retail companies.

The SIR Group operates under CSPA's Research and Regulatory Management Council (RRMC). RRMC provides legal, financial and administrative services to SIR. Participating companies do not have to be a CSPA member. The SIR Group adheres to CSPA's antitrust policy and guidelines, and members must sign an operating agreement that defines the group's structure and procedures.

Supplier Information Reporting Work Group Activity

For Suppliers

  • Provides a forum for supplier representatives to share information about providing regulatory compliance and sustainability information to retailers.
  • Enables identification of data needs and information reporting issues and ways to address problems in an efficient way.
  • Serves as unified supplier voice to the retail community for addressing regulatory requirement and chemical ingredient reporting data.

With Retailers

  • Several meetings with major retailers to discuss issues including: Confidentiality of ingredient information, Accuracy of WERCS data, GHS Safety Data Sheet conversion, Hazardous waste categorization of products, and Use of the Global Data Synchronization Network to report regulatory information.
  • Worked with a major retailer to develop mutually agreed upon action items to address WERCS issues.
  • Met with individual retail companies to discuss issues including: Database searches, Supplier access to WERCS data, Accuracy of WERCS data, and others.
  • Worked with the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) regarding the conversion to GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets.
  • Hosted retail representatives from major retailers in a panel discussion of retail regulatory compliance needs.


  • Meets regularly with WERCS via conference calls and an annual meeting to discuss issues related to WERCS data requirements and reporting to retailers.
  • Provides a supplier voice in the implementation of WERCS' reporting requirements.
  • Negotiated numerous efficiency improvements to WERCSmart portal.
  • Conducted numerous conference calls to address issues related to reporting requirements and data accuracy.
  • Developed a SIR/WERCS model non disclosure agreement that provides protection of confidential business information.
  • Promoted a third independent third party audit of WERCS processes and security.
  • Negotiated WERCS procedures and guidelines for retailer database searches to protect data that included SIR notification of searches and review and comment on results.
  • Enabled supplier access to data provided to retailers.
  • Negotiated early notification of new WERCS retailer clients.
  • Promoted development of new WERCS software to enable suppliers to query WERCS data and develop reports on company's products.
  • Represented supplier community in challenging WERCS business model for client recognition.
  • Promoted efficiency in WERCS charges resulting in WERCS' Enterprise pricing.
  • Promoting a series of supplier/WERCS/retailer forums to discuss regulatory compliance and data reporting issues

With Global Data Synchronization Network

  • Played an active role for project to enable GDSN to report regulatory compliance and chemical ingredient information.
  • Served on GDSN work group to develop standards for reporting regulatory compliance and chemical ingredient information.
  • Negotiated supplier self-certification for reporting data via GDSN.
  • Conducted a pilot project to demonstrate GDSN capabilities to report compliance and ingredient data.

For more information, please contact:

For more information, please contact:
Jessica Bartlow, Director
Research & Regulatory Management Council
c/o Consumer Specialty Products Association, Inc.
1667 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 833-7328