Lawn & Horticultural Products Work Group


To promote the implementation and administration of science-based laws and regulations affecting the sale, distribution and use of lawn and horticultural products in a manner that advocates environmental stewardship while preserving the ability of member companies engaged in this industry to operate efficiently, effectively, and productively.

Who We Are

  • The Lawn and Horticultural Products Work Group (LHPWG) is comprised of industry leaders in the lawn and horticultural markets.
  • Member products include fertilizers, fertilizer/pesticide combinations, soil amendments, growing media and grass seed.
  • Member products include consumer products and products applied by professional applicators to non-crop areas.

LHPWG Accomplishments

  • Actively participated on the Florida Urban Turf Rulemaking by submitting additional language on labels regarding local regulations.
  • LHPWG actively supported the revised language used in the North Carolina Fertilizer Pre-emption Bill that passed.
  • LHPWG is constantly monitoring proposed legislation in 2015, including legislation to increase registration fees. One example is the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s proposal to raise pesticide and fertilizer fees.
  • LHPWG expressed support for the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) with the board of directors for the National Association of Departments of Agriculture (NASDA).
  • Submitted comments to the Township of Barnstable, MA concerning their proposed Nitrogen limitations which would have required unnecessary reformulation.

Industry Alignment

  • Seek the development and adoption of uniform laws and regulations affecting this industry.
  • Develop consensus on matters related to this industry. In performing its functions, the LHPWG will consider the interests of its members and will strive to harmonize the objectives of other industry representatives with the goals of the LHPWG.
  • Provide a forum through which members can address issues affecting their products.
  • Create a strong communication network to apprise members of issues as they arise and provide opportunities to address those issues most effectively.

Trade Association Support

Our group is managed by the Research & Regulatory Management Council (RRMC) of the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA). The RRMC was formerly known as the Product Ingredient Review (PIR) Program. RRMC’s technical expertise and industry knowledge are matched by a deep understanding of and invaluable relations with regulatory agencies, providing industry participants a unified, credible voice. Members of the Group say:

"Participating in the LHPWG provides confidence that we are aware of the latest issues affecting our business and provides an effective mechanism to respond quickly with a collective voice."
–Matt Vickers, Bonide

"While it is a young group the LHPWG can be proud of its accomplishments and the number of issues addressed. I look forward to what we may tackle in the future."
- Cheryl Prinster, LHPWG Chair

"Our efforts have already made a strong impact in changing how our regulators view our industry."
- Jeff Pinkham, Scotts

For more information, please contact:
Jessica Bartlow, Director
Research & Regulatory Management Council
c/o Consumer Specialty Products Association, Inc.
1667 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 833-7328